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Wedge works
Art furniture, railings, sculpture


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About Us


Art Furniture

Commission  a one-of-a-kind piece of furniture.  We do all variations of tables, chairs, beds, lighting, shelving and cabinets.  Or come see whats available in our showroom.  New stuff all the time.


Custom Railings

Work together with the artist to create that special railing, balustrade, fence or gate.  Interior and exterior.  Tons of options from our portfolio.



Enhance your property or interior with art.  Sculptures abstract or representational made as commission or sold from the vast selection at our studio.

Upcoming Events

Westport Arts Festival July 20-21, Westport CT

Church on the Hill Arts Fair, July 27-28, Lenox MA

Stockbridge arts fair,  August 17-18, Stockbridge MA

Glastonbury Arts Fair, Sept 7-8, Glastonbury CT

Paradise City Arts Festival Oct 12-13-14, Northampton MA

Paradise City Arts Festival, Nov 22-23-24,  Marlborough MA

No upcoming events.